Oslo ‘Peace Ring’ Organizer Implies Israel Policies Lead European Muslims to Kill Jews

AFP Photo / Fredrik Varfjell
AFP Photo / Fredrik Varfjell

Following the now-debunked media hoax that many within Norway’s Muslim community linked arms and formed a 1000-strongpeace ring” around an Oslo synagogue over the weekend, the Times of Israel revealed that the event’s organizers hold extremist views when it comes to the root causes of Islamic terrorism in Europe.

One of the event’s organizers, Thomas Holgersen Daher Naustdal, told the Times of Israel on Monday that his fellow coordinators wanted to explain to Europe’s Muslims that “even though you may disagree with Middle East policies, this [terrorist attacks] is not the way to tackle your anger; it has to be done by dialogue.”

Naustdal’s remarks seemingly imply that Israeli policies are to blame for when Muslim radicals kill Jews in the streets of Europe. The organizers apparently hold the belief that it is not the radical jihadist ideology that is to blame for the targeting of Jews in Copenhagen, Malmo, and Paris, but grievances against Israel (as no jihadist attack has ever expressed a grievance against Hamas or Palestinian officials before engaging in violent activity, one can discount the possibility that Naustdal’s remark was directed to anti-Palestinian grievances).

Naustdal added: “We’re not apologizing for the attacks, but want to share the blows with you and support the Jewish community.”

Breitbart News has also found that in September 2014, Naustdal linked on social media to an article published by the anti-Semitic website Counterpunch, which claimed that Israel was a racist country that was conducting “genocidal” “ethnic cleansing.” The article also portrays Palestinian terror group Hamas as a “freely and democratically” elected authority.

Naustdal’s grievance-based worldview come as reports have confirmed that an organizer of the “peace ring,” Ali Chishti, was once a virulent anti-Semite who blamed Jews for 9/11. Chishti claims to have renounced his previous radical views, but told Verdens Gang that its important to “distinguish between being critical of Israel and anti-Semitism.”

Separately, The Times Of Israel confirmed Breitbart News’ reporting that the planned 1,000+ Muslim “peace ring” never came to fruition, but the media and left-wing activist groups stuck to its script anyway. The reality was that 20 or so Muslims were holding hands, and hundreds of onlookers from all backgrounds came to the event in a show of solidarity with Norway’s Jews.

The Times of Israel reports:

One of the initiators and organizers of the event said that although the original intention had been to encircle the synagogue, it became clear that it would be an impossible security operation. So, in consultation with the Oslo police and the Jewish community, Thomas Holgersen Daher Naustdal told The Times of Israel Monday, the organizers decided to create “two layers of rings.