Father of Jihadi John: ‘He is a Dog, an Animal’

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AFP Photo / Guillaume Briquet

Jaseem Emwazi is apparently so upset by his son’s murderous activity with the Islamic State he was moved to go on an abusive rant, damning Mohammed for becoming a terrorist.

The elder Emwazi is not the only member of the family to have come out with vocal criticism of their killer relation after his unmasking as the infamous Islamic State propagandist butcher. The Daily Mail reports the comments of one cousin of the Emwazi family in Kuwait who expressed their shame at being related to the killer: “We hate him. We hope he will be killed soon. This will be good news for our family”.

According to colleagues of Jaseem Emwazi, this is not the first time he has spoken angrily of his son. After Mohammed went to the Islamic state in 2013, he telephoned his father for forgiveness. Jaseem’s response was apparently caustic, telling his son: “F*ck you. I hope you die before you arrive in Syria”.

Jaseem and other members of the Emwazi family have been rounded up for questioning by security services as of late, in an attempt to unravel the reasons and inspirations behind Mohammed’s decision to fight for global Jihad. Kuwaiti authorities have accused the family of knowing about Jihadi John’s true identity for months, and deciding not to speak out.

Although the family now lives in their native Kuwait, this has not always been the case. The Emwazi family came to Britain in the 1990’s after they supported Saddam Hussein’s invasion of the country, consequently making themselves unwelcome at home. As Breitbart London reported this morning, it is now believed the family did not work at all during their period of refuge in the country, with housing costs on a number of properties in affluent West London combined with other benefits costing the taxpayer some £468,000.

The owner of a £1 million townhouse the family enjoyed at the taxpayers expense in chic Little Venice, a part of West London dominated by large Georgian homes set around the Paddington canal said of Jaseem Emwazi, that he was a “aggressive sod”.

“They were parasites. He was the tenant from hell. The rent went up to £450 a week and it was paid from housing benefits. They didn’t pay one penny.

“They stayed for a few years and there were problems. They had to have another room because they had another child and they had the locks changed”.