Iran Defector: Time Will Reveal True Motive Behind America’s Decision to ‘Negotiate on Iran’s Behalf’


What are the reasons behind America’s reportedly clear decision to “negotiate on Iran’s behalf” and convince the P5+1 countries to finalize a deal during the drawn-out nuclear talks? Defected Iranian journalist Amir Hossein Motaghi, who revealed the stunning admission during a televised interview on Irane Farda (Iran of Tomorrow) news network, seems to believe that there is something much deeper behind the Obama Administration’s motives; the details of which he suggests will surface in the coming years.

During that same interview with the London-based Iranian opposition channel, Motaghi said he believes the fact that America is essentially supporting Iran during these meetings/negotiations “is not without reason.” He believes “these reasons will be made known and public through non-official sources in the years to come.”

It is important to point out that while Motaghi did not reveal or pinpoint precise reasons why he believes the Obama Administration has sided with Iran on these talks, he does present the sense that he has several theories of his own; which is likely the case with many in his position and certainly with Iran’s general population which consist of nearly 80 million people–the majority of which are under the age of 35 and living at or under the poverty line.

Some have suggested the White House’s favoritism towards Iran to finalize a deal could be a self-serving move by Obama to solidify his legacy while exercising complete disregard for the potential consequence surrounding the outcome.

Motaghi, who defected while he was covering the talks in Switzerland where he is now seeking political asylum, had previously worked on President Hassan Rouhani’s 2013 election campaign.

Prior to his revelation, Irane Farda asked Motaghi if he was shocked or amazed that on one side the Iranian leaders are sounding “death to America” and then on the other side they are hugging each other, with John Kerry and Wendy Sherman providing their condolences for Rouhani regarding the passing of his mother? “Particularly when considering that you are among Iran’s youth, those who were raised with the chants of ‘death to America’? Wasn’t this surprising for you?”

Motaghi then responded by saying that the giving of condolences “was a very correct and upright thing to do.” He then said that he was not shocked at the dichotomy between the perceived hatred for America yet their courteous nature towards Iran with condolences for the passing of the president’s mother “because he believes politics is a complicated and twisted science.”

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