3 New Dangers That Should Sink Iran Deal–But Won’t

AP Photo/Vahid Salemi
AP Photo/Vahid Salemi

Three new dangers have emerged in the last few days alone that should scuttle any nuclear deal with the Iranian regime. If President Barack Obama were truly concerned about American security, he would have ended negotiations, told Congress to pass new sanctions, and prepared the armed forces for military action as a last resort. Instead, out of narcissism and a fear of war at all costs, he is pursuing a peace at any price–one that guarantees war in the future on unfavorable terms.

1. Iran is refusing to allow inspections at military sites. On Sunday, Iran rejected any international inspection of military sites that are thought to be developing nuclear technology, threatening war as a response to the idea itself. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has complained that Iran has not cooperated with its own requests for details about these sites. A deal that allowed Iran free reign at its military sites would be worse than a fraud: it would be a disaster.

2. Iran continues to threaten war against the U.S. and Israel. Several times in recent weeks, Iran has staged public displays of hostility–shouts of “Death to America,” for example, as well as a military parade on Saturday featuring banners reading “Death to Israel.” That is not the behavior of a regime ready for normal relations. Add to that the fact that Iran is about to receive Russian S-300 missiles, and it is clear Iran is not approaching the deal with any intent to comply.

3. Iran insists on immediate sanctions relief–or no deal. Iran has made it clear that it sees immediate sanctions relief as a “red line,” threatening to walk away from any deal that makes it prove to the world that it is keeping up its end of the bargain. Given that sanctions relief would give Iran upwards of $100 billion to support terror throughout the region (which the State Department naively believes will go to economic relief alone), giving in to that demand would be crazy.


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