4,000-Year-Old Artifacts Set Ablaze by Arsonists in Israel

Courtesy of Israel Antiquities Authority
Washington, D.C.

Arsonists in northern Israel set fire to a couple of storerooms housing 4,000-year-old artifacts and other antiquities salvaged during an excavation at Tel Kishon, reports The Times of Israel.

In a statement issued Tuesday morning, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) revealed that the intentional fire “inflicted irreparable damage to the antiquities.”

Local police launched an investigation after the authority filed a report.

“Among the antiquities found, and damaged in the blaze, were Bronze Age pottery and weapons from the late 4th millennium and early third millennium BCE,” notes The Times. 

“It’s significant and serious damage to the study of historical objects [belonging to] everyone,” said Dr. Amir Golani, the IAA archaeologist leading the excavation.