Thousands Join Bipartisan Times Square ‘Stop Iran’ Rally

Iran Rally
Frances Martel/Breitbart News
New York, NY

New York, New York — Over 12,000 concerned citizens came out to Times Square in New York City on Wednesday to rally against the nuclear deal struck by the Obama administration, world powers, and the Islamic Republic of Iran. 


The rally, which featured as speakers members of Congress, former top ranking military officials, foreign policy experts, and political pundits–at one point had a turnout that covered over four city blocks. 

Before and after the invited speakers delivered fiery speeches, energizing the crowd for over 3 hours, Breitbart News was on the ground with in-depth interviews, streaming live to a worldwide audience.

One of the main themes established at the rally was that opposition to the Iran deal was not a partisan issue, but rather, one that advocates for America’s national security should steadfastly reject.

Some speakers, particularly those affiliated with pro-Israel and American Jewish organizations, pointed out the influence held by Sen. Charles Schumer, the senior Senator from New York, where the rally was taking place. Many echoed the sentiment that Sen. Schumer has the ability to rally Democrats against the deal.

This theme was exemplified by Alan Dershowitz, a legendary Harvard Law School professor, and a lifetime liberal Democrat and two-time Obama voter.

“I’m here today as a liberal-democrat supporter of Barack Obama. I think this deal is bad for Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, and Conservatives,” Dershowitz told Breitbart News. 

Dershowitz said he and other prominent liberal speakers attended the rally because they are “here to disagree with our president” when it comes to the Iran deal. “This is not a partner issue,” Dershowitz reiterated.

Allen West, a retired U.S. Army Lt. Col in the U.S. Army and former Congressman, gave the most rousing speech of the evening. West explained that he served 22-years under the American flag because he believed the United States to be a “beacon” of light upon the nations, and not a country that surrenders to the “black robed” genocidal maniacs who lead Iran. When the radicals in Tehran chant “Death to America,” West said Americans should respond, “You First!”

Lt. Col. West told Breitbart News that the Iran deal should not be supported by “a single member of Congress.”

The Obama administration has “sat down at the table with the country that is the number one state-sponsor of terrorism; holding four American hostages; has the blood of American men and women in uniform on their hands, and we’re going to enable them” to be a nuclear power in less than 10 years, West told Breitbart News.

Caroline Glick, a world-renowned columnist for the Jerusalem Post, inspired attendants to “Kill The Deal.”

Passion emanated from the remaining speakers, who echoed the theme that Iran must be stopped from developing a nuclear bomb at all costs.


New York wasn’t the only city holding a “Stop Iran Rally,” in fact, rallies were held simultaneously in major cities throughout the United States.

In order to axe the nuclear deal with Iran, both houses of Congress need a ⅔ majority vote to override a presidential veto, which Mr. Obama has already pledged to execute should Congress reject the accord.