Clinton Mega-Donor Rallies Against Iran Nuclear Deal Despite 90-Minute Meeting With Obama

Washington, DC

Add Hillary Clinton mega-donor and billionaire philanthropist Haim Saban to the list of liberal democrats who oppose the nuclear deal with Iran.

Saban, who created the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution, a left-wing tank tank, told an Israeli radio station on Thursday that he thinks the nuclear deal with Iran is dangerous for both America and Israel’s security, and a 90-minute personal appeal from President Obama could not change his mind on that opinion.

“The deal signed with Iran is a very bad deal, in my view. And this deal must be fought against,” Saban told Israels Channel One radio host Ayala Hasson, Jacob Kornbluh of JP Updates reports.

“The deal, as presented, is water under the bridge… it is something of the past. Is still needs to be fought against, I don’t suggest to give up. But my feeling is that this is not the issue that has to be on the table, but the day after,” he added.

“However, now is not the time to do that. We need to fight against it, because it is a bad deal,” Saban concluded.

Saban told Channel One that even President Obama could not convince him to back the deal. He said that the two met last Friday for a 90-minute lunch, but that still could not sway the Democratic-backer from his position on the deal.

“[Obama] looks at the deal in an atomic-only lens,” he explained, “and the problem is that the deal has many implications, all of it favoring Iran,” JP Updates quoted him as saying.

Saban reportedly refused to answer why he thinks his favorite Democratic candidate for president, Hillary Clinton, supports the deal with the Mullahs in Tehran.

In just the last quarter, Saban has raised around $4 million dollars for the Hillary Clinton campaign, Politico reported.

Commenting on the Democratic candidates for President, Saban said that he was “surprised” that Vice President Joe Biden was contemplating a run. He said that “Obama’s support will be significant” when the President chooses to make an endorsement.