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WikiLeaks: Univision Owner’s Support for Hillary Clinton Has Influenced News Coverage

Some of the hacked emails recently released by WikiLeaks expose the influence of Univision’s co-owner on the presidential campaign of Democrat Hillary Clinton and suggest that the billionaire media mogul condones the network’s blatant and constant portrayal of Donald Trump as the anti-Latino villain and Clinton as the defender of everything Hispanic.


Hillary Clinton Raised $270,000 Per Hour During Celebrity Fundraising Blitz

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (AP) — Hillary Clinton mingled with Hall of Fame basketball player Magic Johnson and Apple CEO Tim Cook, vamped in a photo booth with actor Justin Timberlake and dined with some of California’s richest families on what was likely the most lucrative fundraising swing of her presidential campaign.

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Home for Purim: Hillary Clinton Back in Hollywood Mar. 24

Democrat presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton will return to Hollywood later this month for a series of fundraising events, including at least one “Evening with Hillary” event scheduled for March 24.

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Haim Saban: Donald Trump is ‘Dangerous’ to Israel

Hollywood’s Haim Saban, the Egyptian-born, Israeli-raised billionaire entertainment mogul and Hillary Clinton donor, warned an Israeli television channel Saturday that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is “dangerous” for Israel.

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Top Liberal Megadonor Tom Steyer Upping Funding

Top liberal mega-donor and California climate change warrior Tom Steyer has kicked up the pace of his political contributions from $9.3 million by the end of January in the 2014 cycle to $13 million in this year’s political contests.

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Haim Saban Tops Hollywood with $6.4 Million Backing Hillary Clinton

Billionaire entertainment mogul Haim Saban wants Hollywood to know exactly how much he has donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign because he hopes the eye-popping figure inspires other deep-pocketed donors to open their wallets for the Democratic presidential candidate.