Trump: China’s Devalue ‘To Suck the Blood Out of the United States’

Scott Olson/Getty Images

From Ben Schreckinger writing at Politico:

It was not a typical Lincoln Day dinner when Donald Trump came to town.

The Trump show drew thousands of screaming supporters to a nondescript expo center in central Michigan for a local GOP fundraiser on Tuesday, creating the region’s biggest political draw in recent memory, even as the businessman’s campaign settled into the closest thing it has achieved so far to a sense of normalcy.

Having navigated a weekend staff shake-up and made peace with Fox News, Trump arrived in Michigan as the first live-caller polls since last week’s Republican debate showed him holding onto his lead nationally and in early states, though by diminished margins. He delivered what is becoming his more or less standard stump speech: saying Mexico and China are outcompeting the United States thanks to more “cunning” leaders (“I use the word cunning a lot because the word cunning is very important”) and pledging to restore an American dream that is “dead.”

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