Report: ISIS Orders 16 HIV Positive Jihadists to Become Suicide Bombers

AP Photo

Sixteen Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) fighters who have contracted HIV from two Moroccan sex slaves were reportedly ordered to become suicide fighters.

ISIS “leadership is planning to assign suicide attacks for its militants who are tested positive with AIDS,” said an activist in the Syrian city al-Mayadeen, Afghanistan’s Khaama Press reported.

The doctor who was forced to treat the infected ISIS fighters said they were quarantined by the group’s leadership once tests confirmed they were carrying the HIV virus, adds the report.

“The doctor whose identity has not be revealed further added that the men were treated at an ISIS-run hospital in the eastern-Syrian city of Al-Mayadeen,” noted Khaama Press.

The sixteen men, most of them foreign nationals, had unprotected sex with two Moroccan sex slaves, the unnamed doctor reportedly said, according to Syria’s independent press agency ARA News.

“Most of those infected are foreign militants who had sexual intercourses with two Moroccan women,” said the doctor. “The women passed on the disease to the militants before their infection was revealed.”

“We were ordered by the group’s local leadership to transfer the infected militants to a quarantine center in the city,” reportedly added the doctor.

The two Moroccan women escaped to Turkey “for fear of execution” by ISIS, according to the doctor.

In an effort to prevent the disease from spreading further, the jihadist group’s leaders issued a directive through the group’s Shariah Commission, demanding that all ISIS members in Deir ez-Zor submit to HIV tests.

The directive came after a state of panic gripped the jihadist group following the spread of the news that some of its members had contracted the disease, notes Khaama Press.

ISIS is known to make sex slaves of women and children it captures. Last month, a UN official accused the jihadist group of circulating a sex slave price list.

Captured women and children who are forced into slavery are treated by ISIS as property. The sex slaves are often given the option: convert to Islam or die.

Recently, an Iraqi woman reportedly killed a top ISIS commander who had forced her into sex slavery.

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi reportedly used American hostage Kayla Mueller as a sex slave, repeatedly raping her while she was under ISIS control. The jihadist group ended up killing the young woman earlier this year.

Many Iraqi Yazidi and Christian girls are forced into sex slavery after they are captured by ISIS.


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