Breitbart’s Gorka on Fox’s Kelly File: Our War with Jihadists is Centuries Old

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Fox News/Screengrab
Washington, DC

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a Breitbart National Security contributor and the Chair of Military Theory at Marine Corps University, appeared on the Kelly File this weekend to discuss the Islamic State terror group’s attack in Paris, and what the western world should to do respond to the jihadi outfit.

Fox News host Megyn Kelly asked Dr. Gorka what he thought about President Obama’s earlier commentary before the terror attack, claiming that ISIS had been “contained.”

“ISIS is not the JV team,” Gorka said in response, using the verbiage previously used by Mr. Obama to describe the terrorist group. “If these individuals are shouting that this is for Syria, then these people, even if they’re not in operational connection to [ISIS leader] Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Syria, they’re doing it for him. They’re doing it for the new caliph.

He added that it is “unconscionable” to state, as Secretary of State John Kerry had this week, that ISIS is somehow losing because of the death of one of its infamous operatives, Jihadi John.

“ISIS is building a caliphate in the Middle East. It’s not about events happening 10,000 miles away. It’s about event happening in Paris, in Garland, Texas, on the streets of Boston… This is all part of their plan,” he said, predicting that “sadly, this kind of tragedy we witnessed today will not be the last one of its kind.”

“They will be praised as martyrs, shahid, to the cause of Allah,” Gorka said of the Paris suicide attackers, in explaining the challenges in facing a group that seeks death as a way to serve its caliphate. “This is a different kind of enemy. They want death. And when we kill one, fifteen volunteer to replace him.”

Kelly then asked the Marine Corps University professor what he would do to fix the grand strategy against ISIS.

“The people who are the frontline victims are the Muslims that are on our side,” he explained. “They have to take this fight to ISIS. The Egyptians, the Jordanians, even the Kurds… But if you served in the region, you know that’s never going to happen unless we support them, unless they believe America is on their side,” Gorka suggested.

The Obama administration is sending a signal to our allies that “we don’t care for you,” Gorka asserted. “Our allies in the region feel as if we have betrayed them and the jihadi narrative is victorious.”

He went on to explain that the U.S. has been at war to defend against radical Islamist aggression for centuries.

“We have been fighting jihadis since the Barbary Wars 200 years ago. One of the first missions of the Marines was to fight jihadis who were taking our sailors, our ships prisoner. This isn’t because we support Israel. Israel didn’t even exist 200 years ago. This isn’t because of our troops in the region. We had no troops in the region,” he explained. “Jihad is a 1,400 year old concept and we have to support those Muslims who say it is no longer permissible.”