Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Trump ‘Wants to Be a War President Who Wins’

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Breitbart News contributor and National Security editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka appeared on Fox News Wednesday morning to talk about the state of the war against ISIS, after Navy SEAL Charlie Keating IV was killed during an Islamic State attack near its stronghold of Mosul, and Donald Trump’s victory last night resulting in the suspension of Senator Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign.

Dr Gorka, who holds the Major General Horner Chair at Marine Corps University, last year consulted on national security issues to candidate Trump.

Gorka predicted recent events would have a significant effect on presidential politics.

“I think we’re going to have a very different foreign policy in the next eight years, or four years, if Donald Trump becomes the President,” said Gorka. “It cannot be worse than the last eight years.”

“We don’t want to be the face of this war,” he added. “Mr. Trump has gone back and forth as to whether we put troops in, or we don’t put troops in. But the bigger problem is, the face of this war has to be the local Sunnis – people like the Egyptians, the Jordanians. They’re not going to go to war unless we help them, we embed our advisers.”

“What the Administration is doing now, sprinkling a couple of special forces guys here, a couple of special forces guys there – that isn’t going to cut it, especially when the local governments don’t trust us,” Gorka continued. “After the last seven years, after pulling our troops out in 2011, the good guys, the good Sunnis, simply don’t trust us.”

“This guy is – what? He’s a winner,” Gorka said of Trump’s campaign style. “I think he understands what it takes to win. And the idea that you put a couple of our guys, surround them by some Kurdish peshmerga, and you’re going to win? It’s crazy. Adding two hundred extra special forces guys, when ISIS has eighty thousand jihadis in theater – I think that’s obvious to anybody, even somebody with no national security background.”

Gorka said Trump would be far more effective against the ISIS threat than his presumptive Democrat rival, Hillary Clinton, who would most likely continue President Obama’s losing strategies.

“The one thing I learned from meeting with Mr. Trump several times is, he may not have a national security background – he’s hired now a staff, a few weeks ago – but he actually wants to be a war president who wins. That’s completely new,” he said.

“A Clinton Administration would be a third term of Obama,” Gorka warned. “She’s already said on the campaign trail, ‘I’m not going to use the phrase ‘radical Islam.’ Well, that’s just kicking the can down the road, as we’ve seen already. It would not bring victory against ISIS.”

Dr. Gorka’s new book, Defeating Jihad: The Winnable Waris now available in bookstores and online retailers.