Gorka at Breitbart HQ: Orlando and a President Who Doesn’t Love America

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On Friday, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Breitbart News national security editor and author of the new book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, took questions from the public in a live Facebook chat with Breitbart senior editor-at-large Joel Pollak. He answered questions from viewers concerned about the rise of radical Islam and President Obama’s seeming inability to confront the problem head-on.

Gorka noted that the publication of his book and his work as a professor and writer largely focuses on “the resurgence of totalitarianism” against the American way of life. “America has vanquished two totalitarianisms already,” he noted — Nazism and communism — and is now facing a similar scourge in jihadist ideology. To defeat jihad, he noted, it must be distinctly identified for what it is.

President Obama has largely failed in doing that. During his speech in Orlando this week, following a jihadist massacre that left 49 dead and as many wounded at the LGBT nightclub Pulse, Gorka noted that President Obama “flipped almost instantly to the old saw of ‘it’s the guns.'” He noted that many jihadis have killed without them: “The Boston bombers used pipe bombs, they made IEDs [improvised explosive devices]… maybe someone should remind the President it is illegal to make pipe bombs.”

“You can get rid of all guns, but the jihadis won’t disappear,” he warned.

A significant number of audience questions, fielded by Pollak, revolved around understanding the position of the White House. Why is President Obama emphasizing gun control and actively condemning those who call radical Islam what it is? Gorka suggested that leftist ideology prohibits him from seeing the enemy clearly. “We have a political elite that is not in love with America,” he argued. Of the President himself, “it’s about putting America back in its place, taking us down.”

He ultimately concluded the reason for the weak White House response is simply that President Obama “is not in love with the idea of America.”

Gorka and Pollak’s discussion, led by questions from the Facebook live audience, also touched on how to empower Muslim allies who reject jihadist ideology, how to argue reason with liberals who fail to see the threat of radical jihadist ideology and instead call for the disarming of the American people, and what the average American can do to keep the nation safe.

Watch the full discussion below: