Marxist FARC Terrorists Guilty of Hundreds of Sex Crimes Against Minors

COLOMBIA, - : TO GO WITH AFP STORY by Hector Velasco Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombi

The Marxist narco-terrorist group known as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) has been linked to more than 230 cases of sexual crimes against boys and girls, including rape, forced sterilizations, and forced abortions, reveals the Colombian government.

Jorge Fernando Perdomo, the South American country’s acting attorney general recently made the revelation about FARC prior to leaving office.

Citing an investigation into sexual violence in FARC conducted by the attorney general’s office, Human Rights Watch (HRW) notes that the communist guerrilla group has institutionalized sexual crimes.

The Obama administration has backed a “peace” deal between the Colombian government and FARC despite the group being listed by the United States as a foreign terrorist organization responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, including Americans, over its 50-year-plus insurgency.

Under the controversial agreement, negotiated in Communist Cuba with the assistance of the pro-FARC regime there, the far-left-wing terrorists in Colombia will be granted amnesty for the atrocities they have committed, including murder, kidnapping, torture, robber, and rape.

HRW reports:

His [Perdomo] office documented 232 cases in which boys and girls in FARC ranks suffered sexual crimes at the hands of guerrillas, including 214 girls who were subject to rape, forced sterilization, forced abortion, and other forms of sexual violence. His office also found alleged evidence that the acts of sexual violence were not isolated incidents, but rather guerrilla policy handed down by top officials.

As of the end of 2015, there were nearly 7,000 FARC members and “several thousand additional supporters,” according to the U.S. State Department.

Referring to the Colombian government’s investigation, Human Rights Watch points out:

These terrible findings should raise concerns in Colombia and further afield in light of the justice agreement the government and FARC reached last December as part of their peace talks. The deal allows those responsible for atrocities like these to avoid spending even a single day in prison for their crimes. Instead, perpetrators who confess will be subject to modest restrictions while working on projects to help victims of FARC abuses. But these sanctions – which appear more like community-service orders than proper prison sentences – seem shockingly disproportionate to the gravity of these terrible crimes against children.

The human rights NGO notes that the peace deal may allow commanders of the FARC, the wealthiest non-jihadist terrorist group, to escape punishment for the war crimes and other atrocities they may have ordered their subordinates to carry out.

HRW reports:

Peace talks with FARC guerrillas are an opportunity to stop these abuses, including sexual violence against children who were forcibly recruited. But it’s hard to believe that grave human rights violations won’t happen again if those who carried out atrocities, like raping vulnerable girls and forcing them to have abortions, are allowed to escape any meaningful punishment.

The so-called peace deal will also allow the criminals and terrorists to enter the Colombian government.

Essentially, the deal will reintegrate the FARC terrorists into Colombia’s civilian communities.

While former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe opposes the deal, the current leader who vowed to be tough on terror while campaigning, President Juan Manuel Santos, stabbed voters in the back by opening negotiations with the FARC and endorsing the agreement.

“The reality is that the [government] was never able to defeat us and that’s why this process isn’t about us capitulating,” a FARC terrorist told the Miami Herald this summer.

“We’re talking about mobilizing toward politics. We’re going to make the transition from a political-military organization to a political organization,” added another.


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