Orlando Jihadi 911 Transcripts Revealed: ‘My Name Is Islamic Soldier’

Omar Mateen

The jihadist behind the Orlando, FL massacre in June, in newly released 911 transcripts, alludes to the the Muslim holy month of Ramadan this year after he opened fired inside a gay club, killing 49 people and wounding another 53, saying “I fasted the whole day and I prayed.”

“It’s the last month of the Ramadan if you ever know about that… I fasted the whole day today. I fasted the whole day and I prayed,” Omar Mateen, the terrorist, told a negotiator, according to the transcripts made public by the city of Orlando after the FBI approved releasing calls or records not exempt under Florida law.

Killings by jihadists during the holy month, when martyrdom is coveted, marked one of deadliest Ramadans in modern history this year.

Mateen, a U.S. citizen of Afghan descent, pledges allegiance and refers to the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) on numerous times, declaring at one point, “My name is Islamic soldier… Call me Mujahideen [Afghan jihadist], call me the Soldier of the God.”

He said that the massacre he carried out was “triggered” by the May 6 U.S.-led airstrike that executed Abu Wahib, an ISIS chief in Iraq, and three other jihadists, the Pentagon has reportedly revealed.

“That’s what triggered it, OK?” said Mateen. “They should have not bombed and killed Abu [Wahib].”

“Wahib gained recognition for circulating violent videos online,” explains the Los Angeles Times. “One depicts him killing three Syrian civilian truck drivers because they were Shiite Muslims, according to news reports.”

He focuses his attention on airstrikes from the United States in the Middle East and Afghanistan, accusing the United States of “collaborating” with Russia on killing women and children while they bomb the Middle East.

“You have to tell America to stop bombing Syria and Iraq,” he repeatedly told the negotiator, later adding, “a lot of innocent women and children are getting killed in Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Mateen also claims to posses a bomb in the recordings, an allegation that was proven to be a false, according to authorities.

He refers to one of jihadi brothers behind the Boston Marathon bombing in April 2013 that killed three people and injured more than 260 others as, “My homeboy Tamerlan Tsarnaev… My homeboy [unidentified name] did his thing, okay, so now it’s my turn, OK?”


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