Gorka: Brexit and the ‘Trump Train’ Mark ‘The End of Political Correctness and Insanity’

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On Monday night’s installment of Sean Hannity’s Fox News program, Breitbart News National Security Editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka, author of the best-selling book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, and former spokesman for the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Richard Grenell took a look at President-elect Donald Trump’s strategy to defeat ISIS.

Hannity began the interview by recommending both Gorka and Grenell for positions in the Trump Administration, prompting a smiling Grenell to declare, “I love your confidence in me, Sean.”

“I would take any position that they would offer me in national security, because it would not only be an honor, it would be a duty to serve Mr. Trump,” said Gorka.

Gorka agreed with Hannity’s assessment that the jihadi enemy is getting “mightier and stronger.”

“Look at what the Obama Administration said just two months ago. President Obama had his ISIS pow-wow in the Pentagon. The National Counterterrorism Center briefed him, that’s the highest intelligence body on terrorism alone. They told him – and I quote directly, because it leaked to the press – there are now fully operational ISIS affiliates in eighteen nations,” Gorka said.

“The problem with that, Sean: two years ago, that number was seven,” he continued. “They have more than doubled in two years.”

Gorka added that he has advised Trump and has discussed national security issues with him on several occasions last year, and this morning he paid a visit to Trump Tower for a meeting with the national security team, although he did not meet with the President-elect personally.

“I have to be honest with you, there’s so much work to be done,” Grenell said. “I’m ecstatic about President Trump. Whatever he says that he wants people to do, I think everybody’s going to jump to help him. He has got an enormous task. I mean, you think what’s happening already in the Obama Administration – I already hear President Obama talking like the next President is going to defeat ISIS. You know what that means, Sean? It means for the next two and a half months, ISIS hears, ‘Ha! We can do anything we want, because for two and a half months, while President Obama is still the President, he’s not gonna take us out.’”

“That makes me angry,” Grenell said. “President Obama still – I don’t want to just say that the next president has to crush ISIS. This is a daily problem. We need to still go after them now. President Obama needs to put away the political thinking and get accurate intelligence, so that we can crush the command-and-control center of ISIS today, not on January 21st, 22nd, 23rd.”

Hannity asked Dr. Gorka about the thousand FBI investigations currently in progress against ISIS sympathizers in the United States.

“Let’s not talk just about leads,” Gorka suggested. “We’ve got a thousand leads. That could pan out to whatever. We have arrested or killed 124 ISIS terrorists on U.S. territory in just two and a half years. That’s insane. Not 24, not 34, a hundred and twenty four. And that’s just ISIS. That’s not al-Qaeda. That’s just ISIS, Sean.”

When Hannity brought up the culture clash between pluralistic Western democracies and various aspects of Islamic fundamentalism, and the Left’s insistence that such cultural turbulence cannot be discussed frankly, Gorka said: “This is why Brexit happened. This is why the Trump Train happened. It’s the end of political correctness and insanity.”

“Let me quote to you a Muslim chief of police, from the biggest refugee camp in Jordan,” Gorka continued. “I visited there with my family, Christmas Day last year. When he tells me, as a Muslim, ‘Look, we’re going to help these guys. I’m a Muslim, they’re Muslim. But you know what the long-term solution is? They go home. We don’t want to keep them here in Jordan.’”

“He said, ‘The idea that they go further West, that’s insanity,’” Gorka concluded.

“Before we even got to the point where we had millions of refugees, we saw the Obama Administration refusing to make tough decisions throughout all of the Middle East,” Grenell added. “The Arab Spring turned into the Islamic Awakening, because we weren’t able to lead the world. I hear from diplomats all the time at the U.N. People are hungry for U.S. leadership. They want a plan on the Iran deal. They know the Iranians are not complying.”

“Last question: the worldwide ambition, caliphate, is real, correct? They want ‘convert or die,’” Hannity asked.

“Yes, and they’re the first jihadi group in 90 years to do it, Sean,” Gorka replied. “No Jayvee team.”