Dr. Sebastian Gorka: ‘U.S. Is a Judeo-Christian Nation But That’s not a Contract for National Suicide!’

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Breitbart News National Security Editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka, author of the best-selling book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, joined former UKIP leader Nigel Farage on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program to talk about how President-elect Donald Trump should address terrorism and the refugee crisis.

Hannity noted that the heads of intelligence and law-enforcement agencies in both the U.S. and Europe have warned about the danger of terrorist militants infiltrating the refugee tide. Farage called Europe’s approach to the refugee crisis “disastrous.”

“Of course, Angela Merkel took the very opposite policy position to the one that President-elect Trump is taking,” Farage noted. “She said, if you remember last year, ‘Please all come! We can take as many people as you can send.’”

“And what have we seen?” Farage asked. “Not just the rise of radical groups, the likes of which the German policy are trying their best to hunt down today, but also we saw those scenes – remember on New Year’s Eve, at Cologne train station, the mass open sexual violation of women going on in a Western German city.”

“Now, I’m not saying that because I want to demonize anybody,” he stressed. “But I am saying this: what’s happened from many of these Middle Eastern countries is the spread of ISIS. I feel that we ourselves may be partly responsible for causing it, by toppling Saddam, by getting rid of Qaddafi, but whatever – the fact is, it’s there. And remember that in these countries, women are at very best second-class citizens. So at best, we’re bringing in a problem, a cultural problem that is going to be very difficult to assimilate and maintain our values, and at worst we’re bringing in people that actually want to kill us.”

Dr. Gorka took up the issue of assimilation, suggesting that analysis should begin with accepting “the fact that we are a Christian nation, we are a Judeo-Christian nation.”

“We help people when we can help them,” he said. “But that is not a contract for national suicide. That doesn’t mean, as Hillary Clinton said in her private speech to the bankers, ‘We don’t need any borders, pull down the borders, the whole Western Hemisphere is one big happy party!’ It doesn’t mean that you quintuple the number of refugees. If she had won, what Nigel is talking about, Europe, is what America would have been like in five years’ time, if Hillary had become the President.”

Farage said this was one of the reasons he became a vocal supporter of Donald Trump.

“The big picture is, I believe in nation-state democracy,” he said. “I believe that the people should be in charge of the decisions that affect their lives. What I saw with my country, with the European Union, was increasingly those decisions being taken somewhere else – and crucially, borders being completely removed. And I could see that Clinton basically viewed that building you can see behind me, the European Union’s headquarters, she viewed it as a prototype for something that she wanted America to be part of. And that is why I went so strong for Trump.” “Also, I backed Trump because I thought the man had guts and integrity, and boy, he has,” Farage added.

When host Sean Hannity mentioned Gorka’s name being raised in connection with a Trump Administration appointment, Gorka said that not only would he accept a role in the Trump Administration’s national security apparatus if asked, but “every American if offered one, it would be their duty.”

“This man is going to make America great again, and he’s going to provide leadership in the world,” he declared, adding that global jihad can only be defeated if “America leads in the world.”

“Remember this Administration, the Obama Administration, made it part of U.S. national security policy to ‘lead from behind,” said Gorka. “Now look those words up in a Webster’s dictionary. Leading from behind means following. We haven’t led.”

“I think Trump and I have been the two most vilified people in the Western world over the course of the last couple of years,” Farage said, laughing as Hannity interjected to propose himself as a strong contender for that title. (“I tell you what, Sean, you’re in the running, mate. Don’t worry about that,” Farage assured him.)

“This is the extraordinary thing, that the liberal elite, the establishment, those that have had it all their own way for the last couple of decades, brand us as being extremists, brand us as being racist,” Farage continued. “All we’re saying is, we believe in democracy. And I think after Brexit, and now Trump winning – and I was talking to him on Saturday – I now hope it’s gonna spread like an infectious disease across the whole of the Western world.”

“I found the President-elect to be reflective, thoughtful, full of great ideas,” he reported. “I was very honored to be given that time with him. But I really, genuinely believe he’s got the makings of being a great president.”


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