EXCLUSIVE — Sebastian Gorka: Attacks on Me Are About Making Sure the American People Don’t Get What They Voted For

Dr. Sebastian Gorka
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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Dr. Sebastian Gorka says the leftist media’s “outrageous and dishonest” attacks on him are directed at the American people to ensure they “don’t get the policies they resoundingly voted for” in what he describes as “a scorched earth campaign against the President.”

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Gorka explained that the attempts to mislabel him an antisemite and Nazi sympathizer by some in the media are due to their political bias against the results of the election. The attacks expose the “fundamentally anti-democratic” attitude of “elements of the media.”

Gorka has visited Israel at least six times and plans to go back to the Jewish state for more visits. He has also spoken several times at the annual 9/11 Conference by the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) in Herzliya.

The Breitbart News-Gorka exclusive yielded the following:

Breitbart News (BB): As someone who has been so vocally supportive of Israel, how do you perceive attacks from those in the left-wing media who suggest you are a Nazi-sympathizer?

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Of course, the attacks we’ve seen in the last month are outrageous and dishonest, but I don’t really take it personally. These attacks aren’t about me, really; they’re about making sure that the American people don’t get the policies they resoundingly voted for.

We’ve come to a place, unfortunately, where elements of the media are waging a scorched earth campaign against the president by trying to throw everything they have at anyone associated with his administration. They want to grind the government to a halt because they disagree with the results of the election and are fundamentally anti-democratic.

I’m pretty certain even the people writing these articles don’t even believe the things they’re writing. If they do, that’s most disturbing.

And in the end, as the son of parents who survived the Nazi takeover of Hungary and then the nightmare of Communism, these attacks have no power over me.

BB: Several Jewish organizations and Jewish leaders have come out in support of you. How does that make you feel?

Gorka: It makes me feel grateful.

It’s significant that the people who have worked with me closely, Jewish or not, have been unanimous and unwavering in their support. They can tell what a politically motivated smear campaign looks like, and they weigh it against what they know about our friendships over the years, as well as my writing, speaking, and being involved in national security policy for decades.

For their support, I’ll always be grateful. For people who don’t know me, I simply ask for them to look at what I’ve said and done throughout my life and my staunch opposition to Nazism, anti-Semitism, and all totalitarian ideologies.

BB: Your family experienced leftist totalitarianism and saw first-hand how the leftist regimes manipulated the truth. How would you relate that to this experience?
Gorka: My parents were refugees who had escaped the horrors of totalitarianism. As a result, I grew up understanding in my veins just how true President Reagan’s words were, that the loss of liberty is always but one generation away.

It was inculcating in me from the earliest age that freedom and liberty are as fragile as they are precious.

BB: What has your family’s history taught you about the threats we face today?

Gorka: Two simple things: First, to quote a Holocaust survivor who had lost his whole family in the war, who when asked what he had learned from all his suffering, simply answered: “When a group of people repeatedly says they wish to kill you, sooner or later you should take them seriously.” Today, this applies to ISIS as much as it applies to the mullahs in Tehran.

And second, that to win a war you much define victory, and for me, our victory is easy to describe. We will have won today’s war against the hybrid totalitarians when the Black Flag of Jihad is as reviled across the globe as the swastika of the Third Reich and the white peaked hood of the KKK.

Gorka and his wife spent Christmas in the largest Syrian refugee camp in Jordan in 2015. They spent the New Year in Israel and were in Tel Aviv during the deadly shooting at a restaurant where an Israeli Arab opened fire on civilians killing two civilians and a third victim, a taxi driver, as he fled the scene.

In a piece they wrote detailing their experience in Jordan, the Gorkas praised the Hashemite Kingdom for taking in so many Syrian refugees in the midst of one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises:

When the refugees arrive in Jordan, they are given food, medical care if they need it, and then taken to a reception center, where they are screened. If not considered a threat to national security, they are accepted and registered both by the Jordanian police and by the UNHCR. Since January 2014, every incoming refugee undergoes an eye scan, which helps the Jordanian police to maintain more comprehensive records of who exactly the refugees are.

However, the Gorkas also noted the devastating effect taking in refugees had on Jordan’s economy. It nearly bankrupted them. Taking Syrian refugees in, they suggested, was a temporary fix. The ultimate responsibility rests with the Syrian government. “Despite the compassion and unimaginable largesse shown by Amman, the message we received from high-ranking government officials was unanimous: the long-term answer must be for the Syrian refugees to return back to their homeland, not to remain displaced in Jordan or pushed further afield to Europe or North America.”

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