Top Vatican Cardinal: Homophobia ‘Does Not Exist, Clearly an Invention’

Gerhard Müller

The former head of the Vatican’s doctrinal office has denied the existence of “homophobia,” asserting that it is an invention of the gay lobby for “totalitarian domination” over the minds of others.

In a shock interview last week with Costanza Miriano, an Italian Catholic writer and mother of four children, German Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller had strong words to say about the “International Day Against Homophobia” celebrated on May 17.

“Homophobia simply does not exist, it is clearly an invention, an instrument of totalitarian domination over the minds of others,” the cardinal said. “The homosexual movement lacks scientific arguments and therefore they have built an ideology that seeks to dominate, seeking to construct their own reality.”

The prelate tied strategies of the gay lobby to those employed by Marxists, in inventing a “phobia” for those that oppose them.

“It is the Marxist scheme, according to which it is not reality that forms thought, but thought that forms reality,” he said. “And so, whoever does not accept this reality must be considered sick. As if, among other things, you could use police or the courts to combat a disease.”

“In the Soviet Union, Christians were locked in an insane asylum,” he said, “the measures employed by totalitarian regimes such as National Socialism and Communism.”

“Today in North Korea the same fate befalls those who do not accept the reigning thought,” he added.

The cardinal lamented the fact that today many priests and bishops lack the courage to speak out more strongly against the ideologies of groups like the gay lobby, so much so that some Catholic leaders even participated in events for the Day Against Homophobia.

“Today some bishops do not have the courage to tell the truth and allow themselves to be intimidated,” he said. “They do not understand that homophobia is a deception that serves to threaten the people.”

“We Christians should not be afraid of threats,” he continued. “In the first centuries the followers of Christ were imprisoned or torn apart by beasts. Today people are torn apart by psycho-terrorism, taking advantage of their ignorance.”

Emphasizing that bishops and priests are called to be pastors to all people, and to love those with same-sex attraction, he clarified that “loving does not mean obeying gender propaganda.”

This coming Friday, the cardinal will present Daniel C. Mattson’s book Why I Don’t Call Myself Gay: How I Reclaimed My Sexual Reality and Found Peace at an event in Rome.

This book is based on the experience of its author, Daniel C. Mattson, Müller said, “and this is worth more than all ideologies.”

“Their history shows how these ideologies are strong and exert pressure on all those who have problems with their own sexuality. People can have problems for different reasons, but the reality is that a person is either male or female. There are two sexes, this is reality,” he said.

Mattson does not want to define himself as gay, the cardinal said, “because he knows that ‘gay’ is a false expression” and that “it is not attraction that defines a person.”

“A person is always more than this,” he said.

All of this results in political manipulation, the cardinal said.

“Our politicians in Europe should be dealing with the high level of unemployment, the falling birthrate, families, and so many serious problems,” he said.

“Instead, they worry about transforming our democracies into totalitarian systems. Ideologies in themselves are violent. How can a Parliament establish what is true and what is not? How can you say that two plus two is five?” he said.

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