Book: Saudis Gifted Mysterious Glowing Orb to the United States

Donald Trump touching a glowing orb in Saudi Arabia.

Authorities gifted the mysterious glowing orb from President Donald Trump’s 2017 visit to Saudi Arabia to the United States, according to a new book.

New York Times correspondent Ben Hubbard reveled the gift in his new book about Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman. The Guardian obtained an advanced copy of the tome.

The orb famously captivated the internet after it lit up when Trump, King Salman and Abdel Fatah al-Sisi placed their hands on it during an event promoting the fight against terrorism, as Breitbart News reported.

Hubbard reports after Saudi authorities noticed visitors from the United States taking pictures with the orb, they gifted it to the United States embassy in Riyadh.

The orb was in the hallway of the embassy of Riyadh but was soon put into storage to prevent photos of it from going public, according to the report.


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