4.6 magnitude quake shakes southeastern South Korean city

SEOUL, Feb. 10 (UPI) — A magnitude 4.6 earthquake shook South Korea’s southeastern city of Pohang early Sunday, leaving at least 22 people injured.

The quake broke out at 5:03 a.m., 3 miles north of the city’s Buk district with a depth of 8.7 miles.

According to the weather agency, it is the strongest aftershock to follow the initial magnitude 5.4 quake that rocked the city Nov. 15 last year

The earthquake was South Korea’s second-strongest in decades, injuring dozens of people, damaging infrastructure and displacing 1,500 residents.

Following the latest tremor, the 84th aftershock of the main quake, the country’s interior ministry says it dispatched some 800 personnel have been dispatched to swiftly analyze the situation and take emergency measures as necessary.

Meanwhile, no nuclear reactors have affected by the quake, the Nuclear Safety and Security Commission said.

The commission confirmed that the 25 nuclear power plants and radioactive disposal facilities in the country did not issue earthquake alerts and are operating normally.