At least 2 dead in shooting attack near German synagogue

Oct. 9 (UPI) — A gunman shot at least two people dead near a synagogue in eastern Germany on Wednesday, authorities said.

The shooting occurred in the Paulus area of Halle, police said, and initiated a major manhunt for the shooter. Authorities later said they had arrested one suspect, but warned there could be others.

The attack occurred in Halle’s Humboldstrasse, which houses a Jewish cemetery and synagogue. The attack coincided with Yom Kippur, a religious festival during which members of the Jewish faith fast and pray.

Witnesses said the gunman wore camouflage and carried multiple weapons.

Hale’s main passenger railway system was shut down during the search.

Germany’s Bild newspaper reported the attacker used a sub-machine gun and tossed a hand grenade into the cemetery, and other reports said the shooter shot a passerby near a synagogue entrance.


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