Cat rescued after three days in a tree runs up another tree

April 5 (UPI) — Animal rescuers in Britain said a cat that spent three days stranded in a tree was brought back to earth — only to flee up another tree.

The RSPCA said a resident of Wilslow, Cheshire, England, contacted the organization last week to report an orange cat had been stuck on a high branch of a 60-foot tree for about three days.

Lauren Bradshaw, an RSPCA animal collection officer, responded to the neighborhood Thursday and called in backup from a tree trimmer.

“Neighbors believed the cat had been stuck up the tree for at least three days and I was concerned that he’d not had any food or water in that time and was stuck very high up,” Bradshaw said. “The tree was very tall and was in a ravine which made access extremely difficult. Thankfully, a local tree surgeon was able to assist and was quick to attend.”

Bradshaw said the tree surgeon had almost reached the cat when the feline panicked and jumped to a neighboring tree, “which was much easier for him to climb down.”

She said the cat fled into a nearby garden.

Bradshaw said she discovered a neighborhood family had put a note on her RSPCA vehicle saying their cat was missing and it matched the description of the feline from the tree.

“I went back to the gardens to try to find him and I could hear crying so I followed the noise, and there he was — stuck up another tree! I couldn’t believe it!” Bradshaw said. “Luckily this tree wasn’t anywhere near as high so I was able to use my ladders to reach him and used some food to coax him to me.”

Bradshaw said the cat was microchipped and she was able to positively identify him as Charlie, the family’s missing pet. She said Charlie and the family were happily reunited.

“One of the little girls told me her birthday was coming up too and she’d made a wish that Charlie would be home for it — and he was,” Bradshaw said. “It was such a lovely, happy ending!”