CinemaCon: Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence introduce steamy sneak peak into ‘Passengers’

CinemaCon: Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence introduce steamy sneak peak into 'Passengers'

LAS VEGAS, April 13 (UPI) — Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence helped present their upcoming film, Passengers, with a sneak peak into their deep space romance.

The duo showed off their undeniable chemistry Tuesday alongside Sony Pictures chairman Tom Rothman while introducing new details about the film at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

“The original script for Passengers was as compelling as any one I’ve ever read,” Rothman said at the presentation’s opening, according to Vanity Fair. “This is about two people who take a voyage to space knowing that they will never come back to their families again.”

During their bits, Lawrence and Pratt broke from their teleprompter scripts to entertain the audience — consisting of theater owners judging how long Passengers will stay in theaters — with some witty back-and-forth.

Then, the sneak peak reportedly began with Pratt’s character waking up from his hibernation pod decades early during the 120-year voyage to a colony planet. Nearly a year later, Lawrence’s character’s hibernation pod also malfunctions, and the two are alone among thousands of dormant travelers.

They soon spark a passionate romance, with lots of making out, as they attempt to entertain themselves on the ship before they are convinced the space vessel is doomed. The clip is said to end with Pratt and Lawrence escaping into deep space without a plan on how to survive.

“For those of us who love movies in movie theaters, I see that, and I think to myself, ‘Let’s see Netflix do that,’” Rothman commented at the end of the presentation.

During their final goodbyes, stars Pratt and Lawrence didn’t go quietly. Instead, the Guardians of the Galaxy actor accidentally dropped his microphone on his co-star’s foot. “That is the anti-Kanye,” Pratt joked.

Passengers, out in December of this year, is directed by Morten Tyldum.


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