Deer survive being impaled by arrows in Oregon

April 30 (UPI) — Oregon State Police are seeking information on two deer found still living with arrows in their bodies — in one case through the animal’s head.

The OSP said in a Facebook post that a trooper responding to a report of a deer with an arrow stuck through its body went searching in the Shady Cove area of Jackson County on Friday and found two of the animals suffering from similar predicaments.

“The injuries to the deer did not appear to be life threatening,” the OSP said in a Facebook post. “Additional information was received that there might actually be a third deer with an arrow stuck in it.”

The OSP said both deer, even the one with an arrow through its head, appear to be able to walk and eat without difficulty.

“I have not heard of a situation like this in the past, so this is very rare and unusual,” Oregon State Police Sgt. Kaito Raiser Raiser told The New York Post.

He said the animals had not been located as of midday Monday.

“These arrows are not hunting-style arrows, and they’re really intended to act like a gunshot to travel through the animal and create the most damage possible,” Raiser said. “And a legitimate hunter would never intentionally target those area of a deer to take the animal. Those are not areas of the animal that are commonly targeted.”

The OSP is offering a reward for information on the person or people responsible for shooting the arrows into the deer.