Felix Hernandez’s son looks like dad with Father’s Day first pitch

June 18 (UPI) — Seattle Mariners fans got a glimpse of a possible future ace as Felix Hernandez’s son threw out a ceremonial first pitch.

The toss came before the Mariners lost 9-3 to the Boston Red Sox Sunday at Safeco Field in Seattle. The youngster wore a full Mariners uniform for the sequence.

Jeremy Hernandez — the oldest son of the Cy Young Award winner — walked out and stood on the mound, just in front of the pitching rubber. He then threw a right handed seed to home plate. The ball went a little outside, possibly painting the edge of the strike zone just like “King Felix.”

After the ceremonial stunt, Jeremy and Felix met up between the mound and home for a secret handshake on Father’s Day.

This isn’t the first time fans have had the chance to see Jeremy’s stuff. He also threw out a first pitch in 2015 and at 2016 spring training.

Hernandez did not pitch on Sunday. The six-time All-Star allowed eight hits and two runs, earning a loss in his last start on June 14 against the Red Sox. Hernandez, 32, is 6-6 with a career-high 5.44 ERA this season.

Jeremy is about nine years away from being draft eligible.