Florida airports make prom plans with Twitter romance

May 11 (UPI) — A pair of Florida airports took their romance public with a promposal that played out on their Twitter accounts.

The courtship began with a tweet from Miami International Airport asking Orlando International Airport to be its date to what is almost certainly a fictional dance.

“We’re just winging it, but @MCO will you go to prom with us?” the airport tweeted, along with a photo of a sign outside the hub edited to show an airplane flying in the shape of a heart and the words: “MCO, prom?”

Orlando International Airport’s initial response was coy and noncommittal: “We have many suitors, but our hearts are aflutter, MIA. Stay tuned for our response.”

Several other airports chimed in expressing disappointment at being passed over by Miami International Airport, which in turn promised to take Tampa International Airport to homecoming.

Orlando International Airport finally responded affirmatively.

“That was a #AirportPromposal with altitude, MIA. We’re letting the world know, it’s a YES from us. This is going to be EPIC,” it tweeted.

The tweet was accompanied by a photo of a boarding gate that states the flight “#SoManySuitors” is departing Orlando for Miami, with the flight status “Prom Date Official.”