Giant python slithers across road near Florida wildfires

March 29 (UPI) — A Florida woman going to catch a glimpse of wildfires with her father captured video of firefighters detaining an unusual jaywalker — a gigantic python.

The woman said she and her father were on their way to “check out the wildfires” in the Naples area on Sunday when they came across the firefighters stopped in the road with a huge slithering snake.

The video shows one of the firefighters holding the snake’s tail down with his foot to prevent it from leaving.

“I have no fear of snakes, so I got out of the car and knelt down and pet it,” the filmer wrote. “Pythons are a huge problem in the Everglades, and it’s common to see them there, but not as much in a residential area.”

She said the python, which had lumps in its belly indicating it had recently eaten, was eventually allowed to slither away into the brush by the firefighters.