Google celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week with new Doodle

May 7 (UPI) — Google is kicking off Teacher Appreciation Week with a new Doodle that was created in partnership with all 55 2018 U.S. State Teachers of the Year.

Google’s homepage features the colorful Doodle that answers the question, What does it mean to be a teacher? School supplies and subjects can be seen covering the letters of Google’s logo with the letter “e” paying homage to graduation.

Ohio Teacher of the Year Jonathan Juravich, was asked by Google to share his experience helping to make the Doodle and what teaching means to him.

“The teachers spoke of connections, the search for answers, and the resulting new inquiries. We discussed the journey we take with our students as they process who they are and their place within the world. Being a teacher is about those relational connections, telling our students ‘I am here with you. Let’s do this together,’” the art educator said.

“This is what I hope the world takes away from this Doodle. That as teachers, we are a part of the quest for discovery. That we are there to guide, to encourage and to support our students as unique individuals. That this journey is one that is full of challenges, but also joy. The Doodle ends with that little E graduating… but that is not where our students’ stories end. I hope our students know, both in moments great and small, that we will continue to support and celebrate them into their futures,” he continued.

Google also released a video of the 55 U.S State Teachers of the Year visiting Google headquarters to help with the creation of the Doodle.

“I believe in every one of my students. I believe that they can be successful and I want to see them be prepared for their futures. I just hope that they see themselves in the artwork,” said Tennessee Teacher of the Year Cicely Woodard in the clip.