Hallyday’s daughter to contest late French rock star’s will

The Associated Press

PARIS (AP) — Lawyers say one of French rocker Johnny Hallyday’s daughters plans to contest her late father’s will, which leaves his property and artistic rights “exclusively” to his widow, Laeticia.

A communique written by Laura Smet’s lawyers says she discovered the contents of Hallyday’s will “with amazement and pain.” The Associated Press saw the document on Monday.

The note says “not a guitar, not a motorbike, and not even the signed cover of the song ‘Laura’ which is dedicated to her” was left to Smet.

In a letter addressed to her “cher Papa,” Smet wrote, “I have chosen to fight. I would have preferred this to stay in the family, unfortunately, our family is like that … I am proud to be your daughter.”

Smet’s lawyers say the will was written to comply with estate laws in California, where the singer spent time, and is contradicted by French law.

Laeticia Hallyday was the fourth wife of the man dubbed the “French Elvis.” Hallyday died in December at age 74.