Humongous snake slithers into outfield during Minor League Baseball game

May 12 (UPI) — An enormous snake recently delayed a Minor League Baseball game in Texas after slithering into the outfield while the players were on the field.

The scary slither occurred during the eighth inning of the San Antonio Missions’ 5-4 win against the Frisco RoughRiders Friday at Nelson Wolff Stadium in San Antonio.

Frisco was up at the plate during the sequence with Brad Wieck manning the mound for San Antonio. That’s when spectators noticed the five-foot snake slipping through the grass in dead centerfield.

“I heard someone from the stands yell, ‘There’s a snake in center field!’ but I thought they were just missing around,” Missions center fielder Michael Gettys told “I think a couple pitches went by and then after the out, I just kind of looked over to my right … and I just saw it. That was it.”

Members of the grounds crew swung open the outfield fence and dashed onto the playing surface. Two brave souls reached the snake first and used long tools to try and smack the reptile, before it slithered away quickly. The snake then eyed one of the men before he jumped away in terror. More men eventually joined the daring duo.

Fernando Tatis Jr. enjoyed the sequence by staring at the grounds crew from a distance as they attempted to corral the creature, without being victimized by its teeth.

In total, it took six men to eventually get the snake into a bucket and get it off of the field.

Friday’s frightening mission wasn’t the first time the grounds crew has been called upon this season to get an unwanted guest off of the field.

On Thursday a cat had to be removed from the warning track during a game against the RoughRiders.

The RoughRiders and Missions have another bout at 7:05 p.m. Saturday in San Antonio.

Gear-up, grounds crew!