Michigan police nab ‘April Fool’s’ loose pig

April 3 (UPI) — The director of a Michigan city’s animal care center said she thought police were pulling an April Fool’s prank when they told her they captured a loose pig.

Corrine Martin, Harper Woods Animal Adoption Society director, said Harper Woods notified her Sunday night that they had captured a loose pig in the city and she thought the message was a prank until she arrived for work Monday to find a pig in her office.

“They tried to call me last night and text me and I figured it was a joke,” Martin told MLive.com. “This morning, when I called dispatch, he said ‘No, Corrine, there really is a pig, and we left it in your office building.’”

Harper Woods Lt. Thomas Teatsworth said the pig is friendly and docile, making officers suspect it was a pet that escaped or was abandoned.

“It could have been a pet that got out of the backyard,” but “I don’t know how you’d miss a pig if it wasn’t at home,” Teatsworth said.

Teatsworth said police are working to find the owner of the animal, believed to be a Vietnamese potbellied pig.