New England Patriots: Belichick reveals OC McDaniels overheard defenders before Hogan TD

New England Patriots: Belichick reveals OC McDaniels overheard defenders before Hogan TD

Sept. 28 (UPI) — Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels overhead Houston Texans defenders discussing strategy before scoring a touchdown Sunday.

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick appeared on the team website for a segment called: Belichick Breakdown: Key Plays from the Victory over the Texans.

He first described how Brandin Cooks scored his 42 yard touchdown in the third quarter.

The next play he described was at the 1:20 mark in the first quarter, with the Texans winning 10-7. Belichick describes the Texans in a Cover 4 defense working against Chris Hogan. Hogan catches a first down pass against defensive backs Jonathan Joseph and Andre Hal.

“This is kind of a key part of the play right here is Hal and Joseph talking about this afterwards,” Belichick said. “Josh McDaniels did a great job of picking this up and seeing this and I think Hal was telling Joseph the next time they do this. ‘you are going to trap and I’m going to go over the top’ and all that. So rather than waiting until that happened, we ran this play again. It’s a little bit of a different look, because this time the back is in the backfield but it’s the same idea.”

The next time they ran the play – with Hogan in the slot – Joseph came down to trap and Hal came over the top. Instead of Hogan cutting toward the sideline on another out-route, he juked outside and pulled a double move. Hogan sprinted straight up the field as the defenders bit on the fake.

The Patriots wide receiver beat the defenders to the pylon for a 47-yard touchdown on the play.

Tom Brady completed 25-of-35 passes for 378 yards, five scores and zero interceptions in the victory. Plays like this led to him earning his second consecutive AFC Offensive Player of the Week award.


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