New graphic novel to explore The Undertaker’s career

April 24 (UPI) — WWE living legend The Undertaker will be the subject of an upcoming original graphic novel from Boom! Studios that will chronicle the Deadman’s historic career.

The graphic novel titled WWE: Undertaker comes from writer Chad Dundas (Champion of the World) and artist Rodrigo Lorenzo, who has worked on Boom! Studios’ ongoing WWE series. The graphic novel will feature a cover by artist Oliver Barrett.

Artwork released by Boom! Studios feature The Undertaker in his various outfits from throughout his career, including his Big Evil phase in the early 2000s when he wore a bandanna and rode a motorcycle to the ring.

“There’s only one Phenom in the history of WWE, so when we were considering whose story to tell in the first WWE original graphic novel, there was only one answer: Undertaker,” editor at Boom! Studios Eric Harburn said in a statement. “Working closely with our partners at WWE has allowed us to go deeper into the history of Undertaker than you’ve ever gone before, with revelations that span his decades-long career.”

“Undertaker was kind of a no-brainer, because his career encompasses the three major eras of modern WWE wrestling,” Boom! Studios editor Chris Rosa told ESPN. “Even though he has gone through multiple phases, multiple looks during that career, he’s been the one constant in that universe for almost 30 years.”

WWE: Undertaker is set for release in October.

The Undertaker was last seen at WrestleMania 34, where he defeated John Cena after making a surprise appearance. He will be facing off against Rusev in Casket Match at WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia on Friday.