New Zealand launches campaign to #getnzonthemap

May 3 (UPI) — New Zealand launched a comedic social media campaign Wednesday, crafting a “conspiracy” about why the country is often left off of maps.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern shared a sketch video featuring Flight of the Conchords comedian Rhys Darby in hopes of finding a way to #getnzonthemap.

“Admit it. You’ve noticed the absence of New Zealand on world maps before too. Some call it a conspiracy (I’m looking at you @Rhys Darby) some call it negligent…either way it’s time for a wee campaign!” Ardern wrote.

The video notes that New Zealand, which is located 1,243 miles southeast of Sydney, Australia, has been left off maps including at The Smithsonian Natural History Museum, Central Park Zoo, Starbucks and Ikea.

In the video Darby scours the internet and concludes Australia, England and France have been conspiring to keep New Zealand off the map to stifle its tourism, rugby team and wine exports before reporting it to a skeptical Ardern.

“We’re quite a fiddly looking shaped country, a bit like a lamb chop,” Darby ultimately suggests. “Perhaps people are just leaving us off thinking we’re a mistake.”