On This Day: Rosenbergs convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage

March 29 (UPI) — On this date in history:

In 1812, Lucy Payne Washington, sister-in-law of U.S. President James Madison, married Supreme Court Justice Thomas Dodd in the first wedding performed in the White House.

In 1886, Coca-Cola was created by Dr. John Pemberton, who produced it in his backyard in Atlanta.

In 1951, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage for passing atomic weapons information to the Soviet Union. They were executed in 1953.

In 1961, the 23rd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified. The amendment gave District of Columbia residents the right to vote in presidential elections.

In 1971, cult leader Charles Manson and three followers (Susan Atkins, Leslie Van Houten and Patricia Krenwinkel) were sentenced to death in the Tate-Labianca slayings in Los Angeles. The sentences and a fifth death sentence, for Charles “Tex” Watson, were later commuted to life in prison.

In 1973, the last U.S. combat troops left South Vietnam (some advisers and others remained), ending the United States’ direct military involvement in a war that didn’t officially end until 1975.

In 1991, six-time Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti quit, opening the way for the country’s 50th government since World War II.

In 1999, the Dow Jones industrial average closed at more than 10,000 for the first time.

In 2004, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia joined NATO.

In 2006, acting Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s Kadima Party narrowly won the national election, taking 28 seats, forcing it into a coalition situation.

In 2009, eight people died in a shooting rampage at a Carthage, N.C., nursing home and six others were killed in what police called murder-suicide shootings in Santa Clara, Calif.

In 2010, two suicide bombers killed 39 people in attacks on the Moscow subway system.

In 2011, small levels of radiation from Japan’s earthquake-tsunami-damaged Fukushima nuclear plant were detected in at least 15 U.S. states, but the Environmental Protection Agency said they posed no threat to public health.

In 2014, same-sex marriage became legal in England and Wales. Elton John announced he would marry longtime partner David Furnish two days later.

In 2017, Ivanka Trump takes unpaid adviser position in the administration of her father, President Donald Trump.