Prosecutors seek arrest warrant for wife of Korean Air chairman

June 19 (UPI) — South Korean prosecutors requested another arrest warrant for the wife of Korean Air chairman on charges of illicit employment of Filipino housekeepers, two weeks after their first request for a warrant to arrest Lee Myung-hee on another charge was declined by the Seoul Central District Court.

Prosecutors requested Monday the warrant for Lee on charges of illegally hiring of housekeepers from the Philippines and violations of immigration law. Lee is accused of employing Filipino housekeepers who were disguised as vocational trainees for the Korean Air. Earlier, she was being investigated by prosecutors for allegations of assault and verbal abuse to her house staff members.

Lee is accused of having some 20 Filipino housekeepers illegally hired through the Korean Air to assist housework at her residence and home of her daughter Cho Hyun-ah, Korean Air heiress known for the “nut rage” incident, Yonhap reported. Cho is also accused of the same charges as her mother.

The report added that Lee admitted hiring Filipino women as housekeepers, but denied the allegation of initiating their hire through an illegal channel.

The Korean Air owner family has been under fire over a series of allegations related to wrongdoings of the family members, including the Korean Air chairman Cho Yang-ho’s wife Lee Myung-hee and their two daughters and a son.

Cho Hyun-min was accused of throwing a container of water at an advertising agency official in a business meeting in March. The incident, revealed through an audio file recorded on the scene, led to revelations of other wrongdoings of the family.

On Tuesday, another voice file obtained and revealed by South Korean media Money Today, caused a stir while investigations are underway to probe the owner family’s wrongdoings. In the audio file, a woman suspected to be Cho Hyun-ah throws a tantrum to her husband’s personal driver in 2014, accusing him of not reporting her husband’s meal plan.