Republican brothel magnate wins a US primary in Nevada

Republican brothel magnate wins a US primary in Nevada

Los Angeles (AFP) – Republican activist and pimp Dennis Hof, owner of a chain of legal brothels and star of reality show “Cathouse,” spent Friday insulting his party after winning a primary for the Nevada state legislature.

The 71-year-old defeated hospital executive James Oscarson earlier this week and will be favorite in his conservative district as he faces Democrat Lesia Romanov in November.

“The assembly Republican caucus has been so inept for so long that it’s only been able to win the majority once in the last 33 years,” he said in a statement.

“And the one time they did win the majority in 2015 they screwed it up by passing the largest tax hike in Nevada history.” 

Hof, who was not supported by the GOP in the primary, said he was happy not to be associated with a party of political incompetents who would hurt his reputation.

“The assembly Republican caucus actively and aggressively worked against me in the primary. As usual, they lost,” he said.

Voicing confidence in victory this coming November, he said he would form his own “Lone Wolf Caucus” and stage meetings that would be “a heckuva lot more fun” than the mainstream equivalents.

Brothels operate legally in seven rural Nevada counties, although their status will be on November’s ballot in Lyon County, where Hof owns four establishments. 

The best-selling author of “The Art of the Pimp,” Hof calls himself the “Trump of Pahrump,” after the Nevada city where he owns another two brothels.

Former NBA star Lamar Odom was famously found unconscious at his Love Ranch establishment in Crystal, Nevada, after a four-day stay.

From 2005, Hof was the star of HBO adult reality series “Cathouse,” which depicted the lives of prostitutes at one of his institutions. 

His critics point out that he has been accused of sexual assault, although he denies the allegation and was never charged.