Scuba divers spot great white shark stalking them off Mozambique

Jan. 19 (UPI) — A group of divers off the coast of Mozambique received a shock when they realized they were being circled by a great white shark.

A video filmed by one of the divers on the Liquid Dive Adventures tour shows the great white shark curiously circling the group as they swim among the fish.

“The lens is very wide, so the shark is actually closer then it appears,” the filmer wrote.

The diver said the shark circled the group for a few minutes before disappearing, apparently uninterested in the taste of humans. The group continued their Dec. 31 dive for about 30 minutes without any further shark sightings.

“There have been a few sightings of great white sharks in Mozambique’s waters and a few turned up dead in fishermen’s nets over the last decade. But no one has ever photographed or filmed a live one,” the filmer said. “It was the dive of our lives.”


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