'Sex slave' says Jasmine Tridevil cut his chest

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 1 (UPI) —

An 18-year-old man alleges the Florida woman who claims to have three breasts kept him as a sex slave and she tried to carve her name into his skin.

Micheal Squier told British newspaper The Sun he met Jasmine Tridevil, real name Alisha Hessler, 21, on Facebook and visited her home, where she forced him to sleep in a dog cage.

"She is completely psychotic," Squier said. "She turned me into a slave, beat me and humiliated me. I am physically scarred for life and live with the shame of what she did to me."

“On the night we met, she tied me up and flogged me against a post. She then got me really drunk and said she wanted to cut me. I was completely wasted, and she started to cut her name into my chest. I was screaming, and she kept telling me to be quiet.

"I was close to passing out before she forced me back into the dog cage where she left me and refused to take me to hospital."

Tridevil told The Sun she kept Squier as a slave, but said she never cut him or had sex with him.

"Yes, he stayed in my cage and I kept him as a slave," she said. "He stayed at my house for over two weeks. I let him stay because he was homeless. He had to do what I told him, and he liked it. He cut himself. It wasn’t me."

"I am into the dominatrix thing. I definitely never, ever had sex with him. He would clean my house. He would sleep in a cage," Tridevil said.

Tridevil made international headlines when she claimed to have paid a plastic surgeon $20,000 to implant a third breast in the center of her chest. However, she has been accused of perpetrating a hoax after it emerged she had recently reported a three-breast prosthesis stolen and her "Alicia’s Golden Touch" massage website boasted she was a "Provider of Internet hoaxes since 2014."

Squier said the third breast is indeed a fraud.

"I was not sure if it was fake at first but after a while it was just so obvious," he told the Sun. "She used some sort of glue to stick it between her two other breasts."

Tridevil maintains the third breast is real and is attempting to land a reality show.