Obama Piles on Hillary After Jarrett Leaked Her Private Email to Press

AFP PHOTO/Jewel Samad
AFP PHOTO/Jewel Samad
Washington, DC

President Barack Obama had some laughs at the expense of Hillary Clinton’s email problem at this year’s Gridiron dinner. The New York Post‘s Ed Klein reports his senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, actually leaked the Clinton story to the media.

From Yahoo News:

Obama joked that his reputation for being a tech-savvy president had now been eclipsed by his one-time foe Clinton, who has come under fire for using a private email account for her work as the nation’s top diplomat.

“If you think about how things have changed since 2008, back then I was the young tech-savvy candidate of the future. Now I’m yesterday’s news and Hillary’s got a server in her house!”

“I am so far behind,” he said to laughter.

That above, as Breitbart News noted Klein’s item in the NY Post.

The New York Post‘s Edward Klein reports that a source familiar with Bill Clinton said that the former president told him: “The Obamas are out to get us any way they can.”

Jarrett blamed the Democratic party’s 2014 midterm losses on the Clintons’ insinuations that Obama’s unpopular policies, including executive amnesty for foreigners gobbling up American jobs, made the president an “albatross” around the reigning party’s neck.

“With Obama’s approval, Valerie has been holding secret meetings with Martin O’Malley [the former Democratic governor of Maryland] and [Massachusetts Sen.] Elizabeth Warren,” a Klein source said. “She’s promised O’Malley and Warren the full support of the White House if they will challenge Hillary for the presidential nomination.”

If Klein’s report is accurate, Hillary will have a hard time hitting back. It does her no good to publicly feud with the White House while trying to replace Obama as the Democratic party head without much controversy, let alone a serious challenge.

The trio in the White House see Hillary as an uncommitted ideologue who might give into the demands of Republicans elected by Americans who disagree with current White House policies.

“Obama and Valerie Jarrett will go to any lengths to prevent Hillary from becoming president. They believe that Hillary, like her husband, is left of center, not a true-blue liberal,” a source Klein identifies as close the White House said.