Breitbart News Daily Podcast Ep. 46: Ted Cruz Steps on Rakes, Big Joey’s Jobs Disaster, Georgia Ballot Trafficking, Guests: Catherine Engelbrecht, John Carney

We begin today with a recap of January 6, which we heard over and over again was as bad as 9/11. We also heard January 6 is still happening today and every day. Thus, 9/11 is happening every day. It seems our establishment media has no problem with this absurd logic. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the cast of Hamilton (yes, the cast of Hamilton) turned “Insurrection Day” (or, as we call it at Breitbart, “Media Hysteria Day”) into literal performance art by singing a song on Zoom that seems to have no connection to January 6 whatsoever. We play the audio; you will laugh, you might cry, you will cringe. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), typically a good senator, keeps stepping on rakes by calling the January 6 riot “terrorism.” He told Fox News host Tucker Carlson the comment was “sloppy,” but the problem is that he’s said it before. It just never became a media scandal until this week. Also, it becomes clearer by the day President Big Joey has failed in his core promises. He promised to “shut down” the coronavirus, but we’re seeing near-record numbers of new cases and four-figure deaths per day. He promised to unify the country, but he is single-handedly dividing us more than any other American. And he promised that he would have the economy roaring back. Our guest, Breitbart Economics Editor John Carney, breaks down this month’s breaking jobs data, which was a massive miss. This does not bode well for the Brandon administration, as these numbers are pre-omicron surge; so things are likely to get worse before they get better. We also speak to Catherine Engelbrecht who runs True the Vote, an important voter integrity group. She picked up a big win in Georgia, and we hear all about it.

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