Breitbart News Daily Podcast Ep. 243: 20 Days from Election and Biden Tries to Buy Votes; Guest: Eva Vlaardingerbroek vs. the Globalists

We are just 20 days from Election 2022, so President Joe Biden is attempting to buy votes by tapping America’s strategic oil reserves yet again. As is so often the case, this should be illegal, and he should be impeached. Host Alex Marlow breaks down some of the key races and some of the underlying issues that point to a “red wave” in November. For example, Democrats are obsessed with transgenderism, abortion, and environmentalism; Republicans want to focus on inflation and crime. Guess which issues are of greater concern to voters? Our guest today is Dutch lawyer and independent political commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek. She weighs in on Europeans feeding their children mealworms, Dutch farmers continuing their protests to protect their livelihoods, the brutal rape and murder of a child allegedly committed by Algerian migrants in Paris, and the slow and steady march of globalism usurping more of our freedoms.

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