Job-Sniffing GOP Bloodhound Ellie Mae is Still on the Jobs Hunt

Last summer, I released a web video targeting Washington Democrats’ trillion-dollar “stimulus” bill and asking “where are the jobs?” Today, on the one-year anniversary of President Obama signing the “stimulus” into law, job-sniffing GOP bloodhound Ellie Mae still hasn’t found any jobs “created or saved” by the “stimulus.” And I’m re-releasing the video for an encore performance.

The video features a down-home voiceover by Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA), and concludes with an appearance by me and Ellie Mae herself.

When Democrats rushed their massive 1,100 page, “stimulus” through Congress last year, they promised that unemployment would not rise above eight percent and that job creation would begin “almost immediately“. But one year later, more than three million more Americans have lost their jobs, the deficit is set to hit a record shattering $1.6 trillion, and Administration reports on how many jobs were “saved or created” have been “riddled with inaccuracies and contradictions.”

By the metrics the Democrats themselves set, the “stimulus” hasn’t worked – it’s chock-full of wasteful government spending that’s funneled money to Congressional districts that don’t exist and claims of jobs “saved or created” were so exaggerated that the Administration quietly abandoned the metric at the end of last year.

Poll after poll confirms that an overwhelming majority of Americans oppose the “stimulus” program. In fact, a CBS/New York Times poll released yesterday found that “just 6 percent of Americans think it has created jobs.” Any wonder that a CNN survey reported that “3 of 4 Americans say much of stimulus money wasted.”

All Washington Democrats have to offer struggling families asking “where are the jobs?” is more spending, more debt, and more broken promises. Republicans are offering better solutions to:

For a look back at the Democrats’ broken “stimulus” promises, please see a new report released today entitled “Where are the Jobs?: A Look Back at One Year of So-Called ‘Stimulus’” outlining the failure of the Democrats’ trillion-dollar “stimulus” to create the jobs they promised while leaving massive deficits in its wake.


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