Saturday Open Thread: Shakedown Edition

A few days ago, Texas Rep. Joe Barton, ranking member on the House Energy and Commerce Commitee “apologized” to BP for the pressure the Obama Administration put on the company to fund an escrow account to compensate victims of the Gulf Oil leak (which is still spewing oil, btw). Certain parts of the blogosphere are calling for his resignation. And, national Democrats have launched a new TV ad on the controversy.


Personally, we kinda think Barton’s calls for federal government oversight of college football is a more worthy contender to spark cries for his resignation. On this issue though, he think Glenn Reynolds summed it up best in this statement from The Hill:

The story of BP vs. the White House is a story of crooks being shaken down by thugs, with a liberal dose of incompetence on both sides. Barton was only pointing out the shakedown aspect, but he was certainly dead-on with regard to that.


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