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Wisconsin Democrats Lose Control Of Protesters They Inspired


At Thursday night’s meeting of the Joint Finance Committee, between 25-30 protesters were carried out of the committee room after yelling and shouting as the Committee took votes on school choice and cuts to aid to local governments. Two of the protesters were subsequently arrested.

The disruptions at the Joint Finance Committee are just the latest in a series of Saul Alinsky-esque tactics used by Leftists to protest Governor Walker and the budget process since February.

And while Democratic lawmakers have consistently encouraged such behavior, and even engaged in it themselves when they fled the state to prevent a vote, the disruptions at recent votes and committee hearings have found liberal legislators attempting to quell the protests they have encouraged.

For weeks, protesters gathered at the Capital, cramming into the rotunda to chant and bang drums. They held up the business of the people, defaced the walls and grounds of the building, caused chaos when controversial votes were taken, and bullied and threatened Republican lawmakers who dared show their face in public.

On May 11, protesters dressed up as Robin Hood and stormed into the gallery of the Wisconsin State Senate to chant and yell as the Senate took a vote on what the protesters thought was a bill requiring photo ID at the polls. Unfortunately for the protesters, the bill was being voted on in the Assembly and the protesters instead yelled “shame!” as a bill passed to enact an income tax checkoff for the Special Olympics.

And just last night, the Soros-funded immigrant rights organization Voces de la Frontera took responsibility for the protests at the Joint Finance Committee saying “the JFC has railroaded their vision of a deeply unequal Wisconsin through the budget process…The call has been raised for Wisconsinities to take direct action and civil disobedience to stop the vote on Walker’s budget.”

Meanwhile, as the protesters were hauled out of the room by Capitol Police, Democratic lawmakers such as Robert Jauch were forced to plead with the protesters saying “I’m asking you to recognize you could do more harm than good.”

In addition to the protests inside the Capital, a group of unions are now asking for a permit to create a two-week tent city ringing Capital Square called “Walkerville” to protest the upcoming votes on the budget that are expected to take place in the coming weeks.

As other conservative commentators have noted, Alinsky has come to Madison. And despite weeks and months of protests, Democratic lawmakers have lost control of the far-Left fringe that continues to descend on Madison. Democratic legislators are walking a tight-rope of supporting the unhinged Leftist agitators they inspired, and maintaining some semblance of civility and professionalism as representatives of the the people of Wisconsin.

Perhaps Democrats are starting to learn that outside of Dane County, Wisconsinites would like Alinsky to go home.


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