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How Andrew Breitbart Broke Weinergate


No two people are more responsible for creating the genre of Citizen Journalism than of course Andrew Breitbart and James O’Keefe.

As is well known by now Andrew took center stage at the dramatic press conference in New York recently where Rep. Anthony Weiner admitted to sending lewd photo’s via twitter after spending days claiming Breitbart had hacked his account.

Prior to that press conference I spoke with Andrew for the behind the scenes story of how it is he broke Weinergate.

Our conversation ranged from where he was and what he was doing when he first learned of the now infamous tweet; to how he says left-of- center news sites such as Salon, The Daily Kos and Talking Points Memo “have been in a lie escapade of epic proportion.”

Andrew says it all began around 7:30pm on a Saturday evening when he and his wife were just about to open a bottle of wine and enjoy the weekend. Here’s the interview with the behind the scenes story:

[youtube hU9iNlUV5GU]

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