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While Obama's Playing Games, Who's Playing President?


In November 2008 a majority of voters chose to put Barack Obama in the White House, ostensibly to be president: which entails doing what a president should do, speaking as a president should speak, etc. The expectations for Obama were high because of his own rhetoric about “remaking America,” about “hope and change,” and whatever else it was that caused Louis Farrakhan to say that when Obama speaks “the Messiah is absolutely speaking.”

But a funny thing happened on the way to the golf course White House: the magic wore off. The dream maker proved to be a nightmare for this country and the job of being president actually seemed to be secondary to a whole host of other things he’d rather be doing: things like playing golf, taking vacations, bowing before foreign rulers, etc.

His apparent obsession with these other things was never clearer than on Memorial Day 2011, when he took time out in the morning to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns then headed to the golf course to play the 70th round he’s played since becoming president. (And this was the second Memorial Day on which he’d played golf: he also did it in 2009.)

Don’t you think his Memorial Day would have been better spent memorializing those who have given their lives in service to this country?

Ought not a President be the first to demonstrate the debt we owe our service men and women? (Quick side note: It’s worth pointing out that George W. Bush gave up golf toward the end of his presidency. He did not think it right that the Commander-in-Chief be seen playing games while our military personnel were at war.)

But Obama has other things to do. And those things obviously don’t involve studying up on our economy, which has now floundered so far out of control that the president doesn’t even bother getting daily briefings on economic matters anymore. That’s right – he doesn’t even bother.

However, The Hill reports that he does get “regular updates” from Vice President Joe Biden. (Yes, the same Joe Biden who said unemployment would never top 8% under an Obama presidency and then, when it topped 9%, took to the television waves to blame Bush.)

Folks, this is a serious matter. We have a president who has run this economy into the ground and now, simply looks the other way while the collapse continues. It’s as if he thinks looking the other way somehow washes his hands of the crime.

Regrettably, I expect Obama will keep playing games on the golf course, games with our money, and subsequently, games with our nation’s future. My only question is: While he’s playing games, who’s playing president?


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