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Obama Invites Four Tea Partiers To Fix Him Over Dinner


Ok, Tea Partiers… this is a gift from the Guerrilla Hacker Gods – so please pass it along.

Obama’s team has decided to “raffle off” dinner with IMPOTUS. That’s right… you can sit and tell the President directly to his face what you think about his agenda for America.

Here’s the fun part : To make sure it doesn’t run afoul of gambling regulations it is established essentially as a sweepstakes, which means No purchase, payment, or contribution necessary to enter or win. Contributing will not improve chances of winning.”

The more Tea Partiers who enter, the more Tea Partiers are sitting at the table. I’m sure we can push for open data on how many have entered in each; so we can make sure they haven’t juked the stats. Once you run a sweepstakes you are required by law to give no favor to any entry.

Here are the rules.

What’s a tad unusual is that it doesn’t lay out the method of selection, how the names will be randomly drawn to ensure they can’t favor donors / supporters. I imagine if we push them, this could get explained, maybe Carney could stammer over it in the Press Room.

This just reeks of political theater. My god, I hope my grandma wins.


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