Premiere of 'The Undefeated' a Microcosm of President Palin's White House: Mainstream Media Out, Tea Party In


Last night in Pella, Iowa – a town of 10,000 citizens – Steve Bannon’s documentary “The Undefeated” was finally premiered. Far from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, nowhere close to the social elites in Manhattan, and an eternity away from the beltway insiders of DC, 340 people sat and watched an honest presentation of the left’s relentless (and often vulgar) attacks on Palin, with a subsequent portrayal of the fact that Palin has withstood those attacks – has weathered their storm – and in spite of them, remains undefeated in her spirit and her convictions.

For those who are paying attention, the setting for the premiere as well as the guest list both serve as a microcosm of what President Palin’s White House will look like.

For example, the documentary wasn’t premiered in front of members of the Republican establishment, but in front of salt-of-the-earth, real-life Americans who sweat when they work, hug their kids when they get home, and probably keep guns in their houses: and just as the mainstream media was denied special access (or even an itinerary) for Palin’s recent bus tour, so too they were not coddled at the premiere of “The Undefeated.”

As a matter of fact, rumor has it that some reporters traveled in excess of 1,000 miles under the presumption that they’d have no trouble getting into the premiere. After all, they probably worked for “reputable” outfits like CNN, MSNBC, or the New York Times, yet they found themselves locked out.

Once again, they were forced to tuck their tails between their legs and whimper while Palin stood undefeated. (I love it, I love it, I love it!)

The sooner they learn she’s not going to do things their way the easier this is going to be on all of them.

On the other hand, Andrew Breitbart was on the guest list for the premiere, as were Sonnie Johnson and other members of the Tea Party.

In other words, Palin told the establishment “thanks but no thanks,” the mainstreams “no way,” but the party of the people was welcomed in with open arms. Don’t you know this is what her White House is going to look like?

It’s not going to be filled with pinheaded Marxists from Harvard or Republican establishment types or doors that swing open anytime the mainstream media asks to come in. Rather, it’s going to be an old school White House, like the one’s Ronald Reagan, Calvin Coolidge, and the first President, George Washington, presided over.

In other news, Barack Obama was also in Iowa last night, about 150 miles from where “The Undefeated” was premiered. But nobody bothered reporting it, because nobody cares.


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